You constantly trail my thoughts.Sometimes I am strong but with time I realise strength only lies in truth.

So for these moments I let the truth take control.The truth that am a prisoner to my mind.But even prisoners choose whether to leave or stay.I did not choose to stay,but every time I want to leave,this song plays in my mind,this song that I haven’t heard in ages yet it behaves like it knows me more than I understand my own being.

It is a stupid hip hop rhyme by Tyrese and Chingy.And I wonder how comes I even know the song now that hip hop has never had my wing.

everytime I trynna leave something keeps
pulling me back,me back,telling me I need
you in my life…×2
everytime I trynna go something keeps
telling me that,me that,everything will be
It was meant to be,we were meant to
meet,so that means we gotta make it work.

Silly rhymes indeed but sometimes even these silly rhymes do make sense you know?

So for a moment am transfixed and keep you out my mind for maaan,how you wanna live in there and pay no rent?

But still I know there is no where am heading if you ain’t right here clasped in my hand,your little beautifully manicured fingernails caressing the inside of my palm.

So out I stretch my hands that you may fit your fingers into mine.I know the trail ahead may not be all rosy and green as we walk but am sure that the joy we both share and give each other will be worth going through every obstacle that comes our way.



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