THE SKETCHES WITHIN:The glint speaks out.

You see this pen and paper has so often recently become the scare of me.For some reason every spit of ink through this nib onto these perfect sketches,the sketches that form the lines of our tales,every single spit of ink has drawn me much closer to you.Much more than I ever imagined possible.

Every scribble so uncalculated but the flow of which so exhilarating.I am writing but every jot rolls me back to us standing by the tent-side.Feet full of durst from the dance of grace.I am actually skipping the bit my eyes came glued into your’s in that first glance encounter.For that would flood back unending tales and memories.

I try to evade it but then I recall that cell phone ring that came through while we was in the middle of a beautiful sunset conversation.I excused myself to receive the call,citing it was important as I flipped the caller ID towards your eyes to see(I never wanted any misunderstanding then and wouldn’t want any now).

I joked about it saying I had met her at a chips and chicken joint seeing the name was saved as chips.You casually allowed me to pick up the call with a smug smile(not that you had anything to lose I suppose,huh?)

I remember the look you had in your eyes weeks later when you asked about her.I must admit the tincture of jealousy in your voice had a real number on me.I loved it then and it still do right now.

Going back to the sunset conversation,you came out strange,not scary but innately you drew me to you with curiosity.First person I had ever met in my circle(sorry,you got into my circle the moment you lit up my world with those gorgeous eyes,and that is a world record as it takes ages to crack through my wall.)who din’t feel zero for sunsets,sunrises,the full moon and heavy constellations in the dark skies.

So on I listened to you and the more I did,the more your voice,which you really love(a strange or actually real woman this is)captivated me even more.I mean for the life of me I have never found anything that captivated me about my own voice you know?But,right here is this incredibly gorgeous woman(you would only understand what am talking about if you got to see her,goodness!)with a husky,nearly cracky voice and O God doesn’t she delicious all my senses ?She loved her own voice.

I must admit that captivated not only my ears and eyes but also my entire sensory system.Forgive my use of eyes cuz it was also drawn and drowned.

Now time is running by and soon our unseen sunset is chasing down the walls of the far horizon into sleep.Am not at all impressed at the speed of time,not that slow pace enthuses me but not today,not this cool-breezed evening,not with this angel of a woman gracing my presence…nooo atleast not today.

Did you ever realise though that time rushes by,nope even rally paces by when you are having the best moments in life and the reverse is of course true?

So the darkness sets in,still this edge of the tent with these plastic seats feels so comfortable.The singing mosquitoes all around us are nothing but sweet cheerleading music to our ears.

You are almost leaving and my heart sinks….

This is why I fear writing.Thing is,when writing draws me to you,I know the sun will set and with it my sorrow comes for you will want to leave;still I don’t know if or when you will be back again.But when I think of you I will write again….for the glint has to speak out as he awaits for your return.



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