LISTEN:Sketches untold

Sometimes,yes sometimes I see,not because my eyes yearn to see or behold but because my whole being can’t escape from all the vision

All because however much I ignore it,all obscenities glare at me to behold.So with time I learn that I don’t have to be shown to understand,for it only takes a synchrony with my utter being to be one with the universe.

Sometimes I hear,yes I hear things not spoken,not even inuended in low tones or voices but all so clear from the screams in my mind.
Sometimes I tell myself to let go of the voices in the shadows of my mind but they stay on.Not because they want to but my being refuses to listen.

So for a moment I allow myself,I allow myself to listen and O how it dawns on me.It all comes to being that my ignorance could not stop the truth.That all I felt and heard,that all those forces that screamed and glared beneath had a n aim for same.

That the very things I looked over were the ones speaking to me.That the sub-conscience I tried so much to push behind the drapes needed not stay there but spoke of nothing less of truth.

So now I listen and take heed to every detail,for the pain lies not in them but in my ignorance of them.Now I listen keenly,I don’t let them swoosh past but I look right at them and with time they take form and play just as they had in mind.

Listen to it,listen to you.


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