THE FORMATION OF A MASTERPIECE:-Sketches through the desert.

So you are down and feeling crushed?Like nothing can ever pick you up?Looks like the end of not only your bright days but also the darkening of your once blue sky and end of your well-manicured green world huh?

Am not going to tell you that it is okay,nope it ain’t okay,but it is a step;I don’t honestly know how it feels like being there,because no am not you,it is just PePa and I on our walk and sometimes he treads with me unpleasant murky waters.

Well,you might by now think I got no idea huh?yeah maybe I don’t but on my end or rather from me is no bed of roses story,it is basically a foundation of steel and rocks.The very place you feel you are at is what they call ROCK BOTTOM.

Ever thought that maybe that is the very place that you need to be at right now?Maybe or maybe not,huh?

Well,can you look back even for a moment at the events that have culminated before,leading you to this very spot right now?Am sure you do that often.Now can you fit all the sketches and pieces together?Do they fit?Does the puzzle add up?Don’t you even for a moment feel like you deserve to be where you are at?Din’t you do anything that ended up to this day?Maybe you did,or better still you din’t,huh?

Don’t beat yourself about it.We are here Today,rock bottom is home and no,so uncomfortable it is that even that fleshy behind can’t feel any comfort now.Woe unto you of flat behinds like mine cuz that hurts more,literally.

Well,still down there with your derriere hurting let us take a trail,the very same one that PePa gets wary of when I bring it to mention.

Now that it hurts so much being rock bottom and with you are those thousand quizzes I know.Whom would you rather were in your position besides yourself?Your mother maybe?Your sister,brother or is it dad?No your friend,right?What about that enemy of your’s?Aaah now I see,that colleague at work always pushing you down and wanting to take your six pence huh?

But what happened to praying for good upon our enemies then?Sometimes this confuses even me PePa you know?

So is rock bottom that bad after all?To the one down there it surely seems so.To an observer though in sober mind lies quite a different perspective.Speaking of perspective,Morena and David,my longtime friends would better explain this.

You know at this point all those songs you want to listen to won’t make any major difference huh?

Speaking of songs,am reminded of this song by Mercy Me(EVEN IF) that speaks about rock bottom,you can follow the link to listen to it.(

I remember a time I was praying for something so hard and at the end of it all I saw was a desert.”Desert?”you might wonder.Yes,desert.The most unpalatable position to find yourself in.Don’t mind the use of palatable in relation to the desert.All in all though,you wouldn’t want to earnestly pray and trust then your answer you see a desert,would you now?

At that moment I felt so cuz all cuz right before my eyes lay scarcity and barrenness,undeniable hunger(without any call for a fast that is),endless dryness,an apt mixture of cold and heat with no solace in sight.A literal expanse of nothingness rosed by a mirage of hopelessness.

So I go back to myself(nikajiita ka mkutano),a thing I rarely enjoy doing for in it am always alone.

I am thus led to discover about the desert much later on with all its intricate beauty,the perils that lie within it and the extent of survival in it.In the desert as I find out is a diversity of life,adapted to its harshness unlike any other.

The desert I find out,is a boom of strong endurance and biodiversity a normal world can’t even handle,let alone you and me.A combination of vipers and many desert snakes,lizards,insects,shrubs in form of cacti,spiny critters,scorpions along with desert squirrels,fennec foxes,gila monsters,the jerboa,sand cat,the greater roadrunner birds(should be called sandrunner birds as there as no roads in the dunes) and many more.The only creature missing here is discovery,huh?

So the desert is not a place of death and pain as I once thought but a place of discovery and shear strength.(For more about discovery go read my earlier blog post called BREAK THE CHAINS:wonders beyond the eyes.)

I even ask myself how the oasis thrives in the midst of all this heat whilst just a little prick of heat to my skin sets my whole body ablaze.Resilience I guess huh?

For those who believe in bible stories and tales of old,I am led to the children of Israel and right before their great trek is Moses,a man who finds his calling in the desert after running for his life from Pharaoh.Here he stands infront of a burning bush and I believe the rest is history,burning bush huh?

You might not even believe that but another tale is of Elijah who runs to seek refuge(note use of the word refuge)in the desert when Jezebel the then queen of Israel and wife to Ahab the then king is after his life.How do you seek refuge in the desert?

Another tale is that of Jonah which could sound outraged but I din’t come up with or write these stories you know?I found them just like you did.I only chose to believe them.

So Jonah finds himself in the desert as well after his whale encounters and Nineveh drama.A most common story and fresh in mind is that of a man from the land of Uz in the east.A most wise and wealthy guy at his time and in that part of the world.If Job din’t literally walk through the desert then I don’t know who has.

Maybe all these are tales but what about the most recent tale of Jesus?This is quite well supported even through archaeology right?The guy had to go into the desert forty days and nights.

Not to trouble you with the much literature related to deserts.A common denominator though underlies all these tales and narrations.The denominator so common is that all these guys came out of the desert stronger,better and more prosperous than they were before the desert days.

But why are there no women in these tales you may ask,is it that only men can stand the desert heat?

Far from that,women are a masterpiece.Check out the tales of Eve driven out of paradise and into the wilderness and cursed to bear the pain of child labour for 9months,or you think that is a joke?That is a freaking stay in the desert for 9months of pain,heaviness and uncertainty.And after that does she even know how to raise 2 strong boys out in the wilderness with no clinics,child care,let alone nurses and all?

What about Deborah,a judge in an era ruled by men?Peninah whose tears were her meat due to barrenness,Ruth who loses everything but still is the ancestor of Jesus the famed son of God.What of the woman who had haemorrhage for 12years?Wasn’t that a desert not to be treked?Still I hear she came out better and healed.

Let us not forget about Sarah the mother of nations who gives birth at 90,Agatha the matyr(google her story you will be amazed) and many more.

Well,back to rock bottom;when I think about it,it ain’t that bad,it is a place of actual discovery.

Pick up the heavy rocks for an amazing strong foundation in combination with the bars of steel that are instead meant to choke life out of you.Combine these to make an architectural foundation that is a better you.

Standing on the now base of rock and steel,pick up the piercing rocks and with them make a decoration of your new found world and home.With these make your circumstance your masterpiece.

Do not be a victim of your circumstance but rather make it the masterpiece of your survival.

Finally watch the movie NIGHT SCHOOL by Kevin Hart and have an amazing you Today.



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