THE GLINT WITHIN-: Sketches come to pace.

Blissful encounters,amazing to knit and full of colours in your mind you can never really find the words;I mean the right words to pur or even put it all down.

Suddenly wonderful doesn’t mean enough and beautiful looses its meaning.So awesome that you once thought was,ceases to mean so and speechless becomes a common-place explanation.

It is all illustrated at this point not in words but by the glint of joy safely held within the edges of your tiny eyes;yes that glint that is now so visible a blind man would see it.

See,your fingers itch to feel the contours of her lips but hey,that lipstick so nicely laid out would come a mess at the slightest fumble of you.But the manicured nails do cause a beautiful distraction so you stray to thoughts of the moon and the stars…a perfect mind trotter.If only any of these would help with your current predicament….

A retreat becomes impossible and aid is much needed to save you from your own insanities,your passion that has just lit its own flame and lacks mere will to quench it.Yes aid comes in the form of a childhood friend,Morena she calls herself,your last line of hope if not defence,defence from what though?from falling with a thud or from swimming in the deep end?

Instead of asking for bail-out you are drowned in and ask if foot would be worth the risk,or maybe toes?what about a whole head and arms submerged?

Well the bait is set and this time round you ain’t at the pulley end of the line but you are the fish baited within the ocean.An ocean you know can’t rival the passion that now burns not within your groin but is well-nurtured and obviously mannered.It is well held within the confines of your biggest muscle…Your heart..sometimes I wish she could listen to the persistence of the mind who so much cares for her,only she cares for her own tomorrow not to be bothered;but really how heart feels has never been her concern you know?

So battle is waged and one has to sure give in.Memories of the kind of person mama always wanted for you come to play you know,but heart convinces mind,who is now all but aloof;You know even mama would fall for this,right?

A big punch in favour of mama wins the battle with no much of a fight so head heeds heart.Heart tells body to forget about passion and build the foundation of roots unbreakable.

Then heart goes to course and replays;the eyes that hold,the smile unbreakable;no malice withheld nor rush perceived.All so velvety and yet hard to detach from.

They said like at first sight,hahaha,lust maybe?but honestly what distinguished the time between like,love and lust?wasn’t it all perception?

So the peril is laid out and PePa seeks to offer advice but who is ready to listen?After all at the end of the day,emotions always betrays all you know PePa?So let a guy try his luck,he might win right what his heart wanted the most.Cuz in this game of two,there is only one winner,both or non.

So PePa rests in contemplation as the dust rises in the heat of the battle.A battle that can only go one way and have one winner,both or non.


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