THE SKETCHES AFTER THE FRENZY:-A walk along the sidelines.

So the frenzy is over and the day is done huh?You din’t have even a single second before.The night was lit and O the amazing dancing and revelling that was.Not to forget all the beautiful hugs,kisses and high fives.A period when even prior strangers and enemies become bossom buddies and lovers.I love the festivities,why lie?

And were there any gifts?These must have been saved for the next day of boxers huh?

Boxing day they called the next.I always wondered why boxing they named it.Out in the villages there followed fist fights due to lack of understanding of the whole box concept.Box day would have been more appropriate in my opinion,but who argues against patriarchs either way?Or maybe un-boxing day?Let me not delve into that as I am no scientist as research would tip me right off the iceberg.Iceberg or icebag?Goodness! Who even invented English?

Back to today,you have a throbbing head,a hangover or what do they call it of late?My friend from Meru would have the perfect description,a total head-banger she would say.

But you ain’t complaining,in fact you need to unlock it using another glass or two for the gobble.After all,the Swahili put it as “dawa ya moto ni moto”.This directly translated into English should be ,”the medicine of fire is fire” and trust you me there ain’t no way am using cure in place of medicine.My mouth has refused…hahahah

I will honestly not dwell on you,at least not today.It is festive season and we all have a reason,two or even more to have a total blast.Just dont burst up everything in your wake.

Am still hoping the jingles din’t get to your head so much so that you forgot the reason for the season.Reason having been thanksgiving and reciprocating for the goodness of God upon your sanity.Can be a tough crack out there I know.

So am honestly praying(almost down on both knees) that you gave so much you had to revel and dance from utter joy.You had so much of you spread abroad it came right back to your doorstep,and so in big folds you picked it right up and went to enjoy it.That is what happens when we give,right?It all comes back to us.

Before I am in deep,am back to the coffee shop.From my view,I must admit that Kenyans sure love a holiday;Gobbles of coffee and decadence on brown and clear bottles,laughs,giggles,high fives and a flow of so much merry to pass-by.Old friends bumping into each other and new friends winking along;men,this is so much to all take in in one sweep.

Santa should come down the Tundra more often.If only the season was about him you know?HAHA,and the guy sure has a way with laughter,right?

But who am I kidding,let Kenyans be Kenyans and enjoy a break from all the early morning wake-ups,sleepless working nights,un-ending traffic jams,intense work and overwhelming taxes.Let us enjoy a little before we go back to paying for the SGR,which some of us have never used or aren’t even planning on using.

Speaking of which,I don’t know why most of us complain so much before actually taking a look at the benefits of some of these things.

Complaints,this is in reference to the standard gauge railway traversing the National Park.Have you have a look at it from within the Nairobi National Park?It is such a sight to behold,only rivalled by the likes of the great Oresund bridge and underwater tunnel.It lies between the Oresund strait of Sweden and Denmark.If you have heard nothing about this,it is a combination of a bridge over the sea joining into a tunnel under the same as it approaches Denmark.

What am saying is that the architecture of it is amazing and am sure that even the game of the park do marvel at it.So for a moment,let us find appreciation to what life offers.

Hey PePa,you have been a worthy companion from the start of this season so let’s take a bow,we then can do what we do best,saunter the sidelines and enjoy the view.Throw pebbles and not at glass walls.

I mean guys,who am I kidding,let Kenyans be Kenyans,have a good time and enjoy every second.

Happy holidays from PePa.



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