THOUGHTS THROUGH THE NIGHT…;The sketches of pain.

The crack of dawn,the grizzly darkness gives way to the light of day,the rays in the horizon,evening taken over by night and night giving way to light of day,a beautiful exchange,a producer’s perfection in plot and style;a flow of time and tick of the seconds….

Yet the trail of thoughts through the night lingers on and lurks into the morning,but a new dawn is here as darkness…that grizzly darkness is taken over by rays of the morning master,the beautiful star they say,closest to mother earth and the perfection of God’s creation in the heavenly bodies.

So thoughts through the night…the ruminations and constant tossing and turning may no longer have hold,may finally loose grip as I am reminded from the clouds heavy and mighty giving way to the strong attempt of the sun rays to bring light to day and pave way to grace;to mercies unlimited….and hence all the pains and sorrows,the depressions and uncertainities,the consternations and all that worry of today from last night loose their grip to a mightier more potent hope,a hope that the ghosts of last night cannot attain unto,a hope of today,an assurance of grace brought to life by the very master of arts himself;Him who through the night slept not as I lingered in worry…Him who through it all held my reigns with a grip of righteous love and a might of warrior strength….

Now to the promise and hope of a new day,a day I din’t for a moment think I would see I find myself with knees to the floor,not weakened by the night but strengthened by hope,the hope of His grace and sufficiency in all His mercies…So knees they bow in joy and a heart filled with gratitude…as fists fold to the chest and peace takes rest within a soul that lingered in despair….so the words once spoken now take form and find home within my heart…

As tears roll not from pain but from a mirth unexplainable,a joy untold and a calm within both reside side by side in perfect harmony and retreat….

Now troubles may last for a night but joy,it surely comes in the morning….


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